Unusual Sunglasses for Unique People

Every person is unique and all individuals possess their own "style" even if they don't know it. Buying a pair of unique eyeglasses or sunglasses from an optician's shops could be the first time anyone ever talks about the shape of your face or colors that suit you. With a pair of personally selected frames on your face, this could be the start of a new fashion-forward season in life. If you are searching for prescription eyewear or even just trendy sunglasses, maybe that season is summer.

Sassy, Unique Sunglasses

There was a time when only models, actors, and wealthy people wore trendy sunglasses. Everyone else was restricted to whatever few basic styles were around. Maybe the same UV protection was generally available, but frames were dour and dull. These days, haute couture is available for every face from infant to senior and there is never a time in a person's life when color goes out of fashion. There are just certain shades that suit a person's face and usual wardrobe better than others. 

If you equate the fashion industry and designers with clothing, expand your notions to include designers of eyewear. Their creations don't interfere with your ability to see but they take an ordinary pair of spectacles and turn it into a statement: your statement. Announce your wild side, your love of retro trends, or a craving for crystals. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities. 

Brands to Watch 

A number of companies have made a name for themselves specifically by supplying something unexpected. Their designs are glistening, transparent, vivid, or textured. Certain designers began with other media like canvas or textiles and transferred their skills to acetate, polycarbonate, and metal alloys. Ronit Furst from Israel is one such artist and she prefers vivid hues over neutral tones. Maui Jim, a well-known maker of classic sunglasses, provides pizzazz or professionalism in flexible frames. 
The Caviar Collection adds a thin crust of crystals and other highlights to your eyewear, introducing texture to the temples and three-dimensional arrangements. Browse their larger frames to cover the whole eye area for total protection. For more details go to this website: http://eyewearhaus.com/

Cazal feeds the history buff in you, but we're talking about recent fashion history only. They bring out those small, round glasses that suit some faces so well, especially the small and studious male visage. Theo Eyewear also lends artistic legitimacy to eyewear. Many of these brands could be lined up as exhibits in a modern gallery, like Anglo-American handmade frames and Kirk Originals. 

Unique Purpose

In a sense, every pair of prescription sunglasses is unique because lenses are created for the personal needs of the wearer, and every set of eyes is an original. Sunglasses are specialized even more when a customer needs prescription eyewear such as swimming goggles or protective eyewear in the workplace. Eschewing art for safety and function, these sunglasses need to be tough, fit perfectly, and make the wearer feel fully confident in their effectiveness. When your sight and comfort are riding on your ability to block the sun's rays, flying chips of metal or wood, or being able to keep chemicals on the other side of the lens, seek out expert optical advice.